Facing bricks connect interior and exterior
27 January 2023

Facing bricks connect interior and exterior

A unique adaptable home. Sleek, yet fundamentally with a warm feel. That was what Jacqueline and Frank from Brunssum wished for. They had a house built characterised by plenty of light and privacy. The façade is closed off and the back has lots of glass. The front door is adorned with a small patio.

A unique aspect of this project is that the materials used to build the house are also seen inside. For example, the dark wood surrounding the front door continues inside towards the cloakroom. And the facing brick is incorporated into the inner wall. Their choice of brick for this was the Phoenix grading of Joseph Bricks.

Jacqueline: ’We went with the contractor to a brick shop to look at different bricks. This brick stood out immediately. But you don’t see this brick much in the neighbourhood. That made it difficult to imagine what this brick looked like on a larger surface. So, we made an appointment with Bas from Joseph Bricks. They helped us to perfection. We were shown pictures of other projects where this brick was used for the façade. The brick gives a modern house that warm look we were looking for. That sold us right away.

Bas invited us to the factory to see how our bricks were fired. The process is really interesting. An orange brick goes into the oven and out comes a smoked brick with mixed colours.

We hear lots of nice feedback about our home because it looks so unique. The brick stands out a lot and unites everything into a whole. It’s a slender brick that gives the façade a beautiful effect. The slender lines are strongly accentuated by grouting the brick without butt joints and with a thin joint. We also had the brick grouted back to give it a spatial nuance.' 

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