Grey facing bricks

A brick no longer needs to be red! Discover our collection of grey facing bricks, available in light grey to anthracite and in different lengths and structures. Thanks to a smoking process it is possible to change the colour of natural clay and create new shades. Countless variations are possible. Play with special colour patterns and striking nuances of grey and create a timeless façade with architectonic expression.

Grey facing bricks smoked in a unique fashion

As third-generation brickmakers we manage the production process right down to the last detail. This means we can offer endless variation in colour, structure and format. We analyse the technical aspects of the bricks and study the impact of the temperature and length of smoking on the colour. By playing with these different parameters we can accomplish an exclusive and unique end result. We continue innovating in order to make the production ever more sustainable and to seek the boundaries of this ancient product.

High-quality grey facing bricks

Our bricks are high quality with low water absorption and high pressure resistance. Thanks to these properties the bricks remain cleaner for longer. The bricks have a lifecycle of 100 years. They are colourfast and easy-maintenance.

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How do grey facing bricks suit your design?

At Joseph Bricks you can choose between over 65 different assortments. Going for a modern façade with cool grey nuances from blue to green? Or do you prefer warm shades of brown from red-brown to anthracite? Any ambiance you like can be achieved with our smoked facing bricks.

You can set to work on your latest creation in our configurator. Play with different colours and structures, the masonry joints, the types of join and the formats. Bricks can also be custom made. After all, your project deserves to be a true and top-quality eyecatcher.

A selection of our grey facing bricks

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