At Joseph Bricks we like to stand out from the crowd.

The Joseph Bricks brand? A range of sustainable bricks with a unique look. Based on the experience of 3 generations of brickmakers. Developed by listening actively to market requirements. 

Creative possibilities based on the eco-friendly smoking process

At Joseph Bricks the bricks are pressed, dried, fired and smoked.  Firing and smoking take place inhouse in one production cycle. This innovative production process is also called eco-smoking. It reduces gas consumption and CO2 emission. 

At Joseph Bricks, we are masters of this process. We analyse the chemical composition of the bricks and study the effect of the smoking’s temperature and duration on the colour. 

By experimenting with these parameters, we achieve an exclusive and unique end result. A brick worthy of your projects.

Sustainable clay

At Joseph Bricks we only use high-quality clay, obtained from renowned suppliers.
Why? Because we know that this clay is sustainable — on all possible levels:

  • Lifecycle of more than 100 years.
  • Low water absorption, therefore also reduced absorption of dirt.

Would you like to visit Joseph Bricks?

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