At Joseph Bricks we like to stand out from the crowd

A brick can make or break a building. We believe that you must allow the pure material to speak for itself. As third-generation brickmakers we manage the production process right down to the last detail. Driven by passion and curiosity we seek the boundaries in this ancient product. 

We give pure materials new meaning

You can only start to change things when you really understand the material. Varying the atmosphere in the oven to achieve one colour or nuance. Adjusting the recipe and raw materials to optimise the quality. And smart innovations to make the production more sustainable. 

The right brick allows architectonic expression and identity. By playing with shapes, structures and patterns you can create something really personal, unlike any other. In doing so we bring new meaning to pure materials.

Durable in every way

At Joseph Bricks we swear by premium clay, from renowned suppliers. 
We work only with the best clay and basic brick. During our selection we are very critical and focus only on the top segment. That is our Joseph Bricks guarantee. The result? A brick that is durable in every way:

  • Life cycle of more than 100 years
  • Low water absorption, and therefore more resistant to dirt


There are two types of brick in the Joseph Bricks range. 

Smoked bricks: high-quality basic brick, purchased from reputed top-class suppliers and then smoked to achieve a unique colour nuance. These standard-shaped bricks are selected with the utmost care. 

And eco-smoked bricks: our own, exclusive bricks in special dimensions that we press, dry and fire ourselves. We are the only company to combine the firing and smoking in the same cycle. We call this innovative production process eco-smoking and it requires less gas and produces less CO2 emissions.


Bricks can also be custom made. This means you can achieve the most amazing facing effects, and they are exclusive and characteristic. A custom-made brick is particularly appropriate in adding a surprising touch to a new building project or when restoring a historic monument. An architectural challenge is also easily resolved with a custom-made brick. At Joseph Bricks we are delighted to share our expertise when putting our heads together with you.

Would you like to visit Joseph Bricks?

The bricks are supplied from our factory in Belgium. Would you like to view our bricks? We work with a number of trusted partners in the United Kingdom. Depending on where you live, we will happily recommend the closest showroom where you can view the facing bricks.