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Discover the facing bricks at Joseph Bricks

Take your design to the next level with a smoked facing brick; an exclusive brick with architectonic expression and identity. Play with shapes, structures and patterns and design something spectacular, unlike any other. With more than 100 years of experience, Joseph Bricks has continued to refine its unique production process. The result is a durable facing brick of the highest quality. A colourfast brick that stands the test of time with flying colours.


There are two types of brick in the Joseph Bricks range:

  • Smoked bricks: high-quality basic brick, purchased from reputed top-class suppliers and then smoked to achieve a unique colour nuance. These standard-shaped bricks are selected with the utmost care.
  • Eco-smoked bricks: our own, exclusive bricks with special dimensions that we press, dry and fire ourselves. The firing and smoking is combined in a single cycle. We call this innovative production process eco-smoking and it requires less gas and produces less CO2 emissions.

We have mastered the smoking process like no other. We continue innovating in order to make the production ever more sustainable and to seek the boundaries of this ancient product. We analyse the technical aspects of the bricks and study the impact of the temperature and length of smoking on the colour. By playing with these different parameters we can accomplish a unique end result. An exclusive façade that speaks for itself.

Smoked facing bricks: undisputed quality

Pure materials add character to a building. The colour and structure of our bricks is achieved naturally. We use only premium clay and basic bricks, from reputable top-class suppliers. This quality ensures that our bricks offer low water absorption and high pressure resistance. Thanks to these properties the bricks remain cleaner for longer and require less maintenance. This has added benefits: the facing bricks are colourfast and have a lifecycle of more than 100 years.


Personal and proper service is a priority at Joseph Bricks. We like to put our heads together with you. Our promised delivery is also a matter of great importance. We would be delighted to send you samples or the ingredients for a wall test. Then you can be sure of an affordable process.

Bricks can also be custom made. Ideal for adding a surprising touch to a new building project or when restoring a historic monument. 

Are you keen to discover our range? It’s possible. Just make an appointment and come and discover just how lovely our bricks will look in your design.

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