Custom-made facing bricks

A custom-made brick or brick strip means you can achieve the most amazing facing effects, and they are exclusive and characteristic. A custom-made brick is particularly appropriate in adding a surprising touch to a new building project or when restoring a historic monument. An architectural challenge is also easily resolved with a custom-made brick. At Joseph Bricks we are delighted to share our expertise when putting our heads together with you.

Joseph Bricks is a small-scale factory in Belgium where a personal approach comes first. Our production process is flexible, which makes it possible to work closely with architects and builders who want something truly unique.

Endless possibilities

An ornament as a characteristic detail? A cornerstone for the perfect finish? Or a specific format for a restoration? Almost any shape of stone is possible thanks to custom-made moulds or by cutting. The possibilities are also endless in terms of appearance. We can achieve any desired colour shade or structure by playing with recipes and the parameters in the oven. Curious about the possibilities? Our experts will be happy to discuss this with you.