Rural barn house
09 August 2022

Rural barn house

What almost disappeared from our countryside has made a real comeback… the rural barn house. A barn house is typified by its single storey with a low-pitched gable roof. The reinforced wooden beams of the roof give the house its typical authenticity.

Our rushed society means our life is constantly busy. We try doing everything in a confined space morning to night. And have boxed in our lives. So just how relaxing is it to come home and completely unwind? That feeling of freedom and not having to do anything. That feeling of being at home is the ultimate peace and quiet. And a barn house evokes this feeling. The open structure and natural light provide you with an experience of openness, fresh air, and freedom.

Building a barn house

Many people are confronted with a lot of requirements when they want to build a barn house in a rural area. The house must conform to the character of the surroundings. Its natural and robust appearance means the barn house often meets these requirements.

In the past, the barn house served as a shed for storing hay. So, a large roof was used to completely cover it. There were no walls in the interior. Today, this is an inspiration for building modern and adaptable barn houses.

The open floor plan provides plenty of room for creative layouts. And the barn house often has lots of windows. One can see right through the house from the outside. So there is plenty of light, openness, and ventilation. An open fire makes it a perfect home due to the ease of heat distribution.

A lot of variation is possible with materials. However, the best choices are materials with a natural look or that complement the style. Originally, barn houses were built with brick, wood, glass, and a thatched roof. Rather than the classic thatched roof, people now also choose modern clay tiles. These are easier to maintain and can save a lot on insurance premiums.

Which brick to choose for a barn house?

Barn houses are usually built in the countryside, so it is best to opt for a brick that withstands the elements of nature. The bricks used for a barn house should also have a particular character. A facing brick gives a house its unique signature. Many variations are possible in terms of format and colour nuances.

Facing brick format
A Hilversum format is often used to provide the façade with an elongated appearance. This brick is slightly longer and narrower than the well-known Walloon format. We often see the Walloon format in barn houses.

Grouting method
The type of joint used can add extra touches to the desired appearance of a façade. For example, that used for an elongated facing brick. You can reinforce the look by grouting the stone without butt joints. This method omits the vertical joints. Which results in unbroken horizontal lines that create an elongated accent. Grouting back provides the brick with more depth. This creates a more shaded effect reflecting robustness and authenticity.

Colour nuances
The bricks used to build barn houses are often combined with wood. Joseph Bricks offers different gradings that are perfect for this purpose.

The Phoenix grading comes into its own here. The stone exudes style with the colourful collection of taupe, grey, and brown tones brought to life using the Waterstruck method. This brick unites everything when using different materials.

The Ethan (red/brown) and Lewis (anthracite/brown) grades are more subdued in appearance. These slightly darker bricks are often combined with lighter materials.

The Phoenix, Ethan, and Lewis gradings are available in both Hilversum and Walloon formats. And all bricks from Joseph Bricks are available as brick strips for indoor use.

Barn house inspiration

Want some inspiration for your barn house façade? You can use our configurator to play with formats, colour nuances, and combinations. Create a surprising design and unique façade that no one else has.

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